Etibar Asadli – was born in 1992 in Baku, Azerbaijan. In 1998 he started attending fortepiano classes in The Secondary Music School named after Bulbul. After studying fortepiano for 11 years, due to an escalation in his passion towards a career as a composer he prepared himself and successfully got into faculty of composers’ at Baku Academy of Music in 2009. Since those years, as a pianist he successfully participated at government events, various projects, and many different festivals and competitions both within and out of Azerbaijan. During his period of study, he managed to create many fortunate art pieces. He is the author of 11 plays for piano, theme and variation, sonata, for violin and piano 2 preludes, 3 plays for flute and flute, 2 preludes for violin, 1 romance and for the great symphonic orchestra 1 symphonic overture.

During the years of 2008-2013, his successful performances in Baku Jazz Festival, I and V festivals dedicated to Ms Kovkeb Safaraliyeva, 2008-09-10-13 solo concerts in many different concert halls, as well as performing his self-written compositions in many young compositors’ concerts, in 2010 great successes in projects organised in different regions of Azerbaijan, specifically chosen for 7 cities the project called “The Future will come to youths”, 2012-13 a number of jazz performances in Azerbaijani National Television, in addition during 2010-13 concerts and interesting performances in different projects in France, UK, Switzerland, Cyprus, Turkey, Russia, Georgia, in June 2012 in a festival named “Student’s Spring” for obtaining a laureate and for constructing “Sary Gelin” composition got nominated as a winner for gran-prix .

Etibar Asadli graduated from Baku Academy of Music in 2013.

On 23rd of January 2014 he flourishingly performed with the worldwide famous Turkish clarinet performer Hushnu Shenlenderegy on a mutual project named Azerbaijan – Turkey “One nation, two countries”). Even after the concert in various social websites and news portals this project was being praised and applauded by the audience. On 28th February of the same year, with worldwide famous mugham performer Alim Gasimov and his daughter Fargana Gasimova he managed to synthesize jazz with mugham and achieve a very interesting performance. The concert took place in a “Heydar Aliyev” hall.

In the year of 2014, he performed several concerts as a part of Rast group in 48th Montreux Jazz Festival that took place in Switzerland. In October though, he performed a solo concert in International Baku Jazz Festival. Those other groups that took part in this festival also had interesting performances. (Rast group, Arslan Novresly, Zaur Mirzayev).
In November as a performer he participated in Buta Art Festival held in London, as well as presenting a spectacular jazz-mugham synthesis with Arslan Novrasli .
Furthermore, in March 2nd 2015 he has performed a solo-concert in the city of Bezier, South France. The main purpose of the concert was to synthesise mugham with jazz as well as to illustrate and introduce the national music instrument – tar to the French audience.

On 30th April 2015 he has performed a solo-concert in Paris’s famous Jazz club called DUC de Lombards.
On October 8th and 9th he has also performed solo concerts in a French city called Flers.

On November 10th 2015 in “Jazzy Colours” festival that took place in Paris, he has performed his solo-concert again. In this program French musicians accomplished performing Azerbaijani national melodies as well as author compositions in Jazz style.

On 2nd September 2015 he has performed ethnic-jazz concert in Paris (alongside with Shahriyar Imanov) in one of the events dedicated to Cultural days of Azerbaijan.

Etibar Asadli even now continues creating his masterpieces, while believing that in the future he’ll make Azerbaijan even more proud, rising it’s name to the summits.

On september the 8 th he has performed a solo concert in “Le Reservoir” – one of the most desired clubs of Paris. Stars, famous throughout the world, such as the bass guitarist Linley Marthe, drummer Tilo Bertholo, have also performed here.

On September the 15th he has performed a solo concert in “Les 2 Mondes” festival in the French city – Mulhouse. Azerbaijan national mughams were synthesised with jazz in the concert.

On October, the 2nd accompanied by his self-produced Baku Project, he has performed in “International Alanya Jazz Festival” in the city of Alanya, Turkey. During the concert the audience was able to listen to the composer’s private opuses and jazz compositions.